Fast, Simple, Secure

EndoHub™ is a fast and easy way to securely share medical imaging and media including surgical videos, pictures, GI Images, X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans and more across networks. In seconds, you can upload a case, view it online, and share it with the click of a button. EndoHub encrypts protected health information (PHI), using HIPAA compliant encryption methods. Once your images are on EndoHub, you can view and securely share them from any desktop or mobile device.


Email media to patients and referring physicians. Grant permissions for your partners to access your patient files. Automatically create PowerPoint slides direct from your account. Edit and create movies to share at meetings.

Sharing is Simple and Secure

EndoHub gives you complete control of all your medical media and files. By default, all images are private and secure; however, you can choose to share them with anyone in a secure manner. You can share a single image, or an entire patient folder with multiple images, videos and files. Share with other EndoHub users, or with people who don't even have a EndoHub account. You can always see who has access to what images and files, and you can revoke access at any time.

Seamless Uploading to EndoHub

There are many flexible options to seamlessly upload media to your EndoHub account:

1)   Connect using the EndoHub Sync App available for Mac and PC. On your PC simply drag any file to the sync folder and it will instantly appear in your EndoHub account.

2)  Connect using the EndoHub Sync App on your iOS or Android device. Pictures taken with these devices will instantly appear in your EndoHub account.

3)  The EndoHub SyncBox is a hardware device that allows any device with a video signal to sync media into your EndoHub account.

4)  EndoHub SoftSync allows 3rd party devices (such as capture devices on medical video towers in surgical suites) to connect to your EndoHub account at the push of a button.


Protected Health Information (PHI) is stored and transmitted using the highest levels of security and complying with the technical requirements set forth by the HIPAA Security Rule.Permissions are set-up so only account owners can access or grant permission to view data. An audit log is created for every user account showing who, what and when data is accessed. All accounts are stored using HIPAA compliant technology to ensure safety and security.

Advanced Search Features

No longer will you have to sift through stacks of CD’s and DVD’s looking for that special case you did 3 years ago. EndoHub is a valuable research and data mining tool. It’s advanced search abilities allow searches based on multiple criteria with the ability to add different data ranges. So, if you are looking for specific procedures, performed on specific genders, of specific ages, during a specific date range, EndoHub is capable.

Ubiquitous Access

Your account can be accessed with full functionality from any computer with an internet browser. Additionally, access is available through the EndoHub Apps on any iOS, Android device, Mac or PC.

Link with Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR’s)

With EndoHub Lync, you have the ability to link your media with many of the most popular EMR’s on the market.

Comparative Studies

EndoHub has the ability of comparing cases side by side. By selecting two patient cases you have the ability to view media side by side. EndoHub gives you the ability to compare baseline images with ease.

Scalability and Reliability

Leverage the full power of the cloud with EndoHub. We utilize a global infrastructure to provide our customers with a secure, geographically redundant, high performance solution that scales with your business.


EndoHub gives you the ability to edit your videos to the crucial footage you need. Drag and drop your video clips and images to the time line and easily crop out unneeded footage all done using a non-destructive method so you can always revert back to the original footage. Add titles and text on your video and easily annotate an audio dialog to your newly created video.

Subscription Plans

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Web Application
iPhone/iPad App
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EndoHub (Sync) Capture Device
Endoscope to iPhone Adaptor
MAC Compatiable
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Secure Data Transfer
Data Encryption
Auditing & Reporting
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